[ITK-users] Deformable 3D triangular mesh in ITK
2018-09-12 03:18:37 UTC
Hi, everyone~. I am a freshman of ITK. In my work, I would like to deform the triangular mesh to segment the 3D images. At first, I notice the DeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter, yet the input of this filter seems to be a polygon mesh (simplex mesh), generated by connecting the centers of the triangles of a triangular mesh. As I have to do some post processing with my triangular mesh for every iteration, I don't want to change the mesh structure during the deformation. Actually to move the vertices of the triangular mesh according to the image information is all I want, and then I will adjust the shape and topology of the mesh with my own method. Shortly afterwards, I find the filter itkDeformableMesh3DFilter seems to implement the function, yet I didn¡¯t find the module of itkDeformableMesh3DFilter after the compiling of the ITK. I wonder if someone could tell me what I have missed when compiling the ITK with CMake and Vistual studio 2010. Thank you and best regards.~